The unique formula using Cold Pressed, Certified Organic, Active Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil is a wonderful breakthrough in skin care. A natural, pure product with amazing properties. From the very first moment you apply Active Manuka Honey products, you will know that this is different to anything else you have tried. Your skin will feel alive, vibrant and really healthy.

Honey has natural humectants, which add moisture not oil ? so much better for your skin
and it feels wonderful. All products in our range can be used by men and women, people
of all ages and all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.

Its many wonderful properties mean that it:

* Hydrates
* Soothes
* Helps prevent the signs of premature aging
* Improves texture and firms the skin
* Increases elasticity
* Assists to balance natural pH
* Has natural anti-oxidants
* Fights free radicals
* Excellent on sensitive skins
* Excellent results on skin disorders