Discover our well formulated treatments tailoring your specific skin needs. Natural Skin Australia are proud to only use the worlds best organic products whilst upholding a holistic integrity.


PHYT’S has created tailor-made treatments to suit any skin concern. Following a tailored diagnosis of your skin’s specific needs, we will advise on the best Phyt’s treatment for you. Each and every Phyt’s facial product has been studied in order to provide an effective solution to different skin types while offering you a moment of total relaxation, with visible results. Each are complimented with a lymphatic drainage of the face. This is followed by the Phyt's massage ritual (neck, shoulder & feet)

SOIN EQUILIBRE - 60min  -  $110 Re-balancing Facial Treatment for all skin types. Cleanses, purifies, calms and hydrates.

AROMACLEAR -  75min  -  $130
For acne prone skin with gentle extraction  |  Rosemary, Cypress, Tea Tree, Lavender, Thyme and Activated charcoal
Using all natural botanical ingredients, your treatment will begin with gentle cleansing, followed by exfoliation to remove the impurities in your skin. A serum is then applied through a facial massage to improve absorption. The final step is the application of a relaxing mask.

CAPYL TREATMENT - 60min  -  $125
 (Sensitive skin Facial Treatment) for very sensitive to Rosacea prone skins.
This facial relieves inflammation, strengthens capillaries and soothes aggravated skins. 

SOIN PHYT’SSIMA  - 75min  -  $145
Skin Type: Dry to extremely dry and tight skin  |  Aim: Strengthen the hydolipidic film, restore water content  |  This nourishing and repairing treatment uses Argan and Hemp Oil, rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which act as an anti-inflammatory to protect and heal dry skin. This facial repairs and supplies lipids to the skin and nourishes skin that feels tight.
The ritual begins with cleansing and exfoliating followed by a relaxing facial massage with Sérum Nutrition Extreme nourishing oil. When completely relaxed, your skin will draw maximum benefits from the mask and its rich Organic active ingredients.

SOIN AQUA PHYT’S  - 75min  -  $160
Skin Type: Dehydrated normal to combination  |  Aim: Rehydrate and Refresh  |  Dehydrated skin deserves a natural 24Hr moisture solution.
Water is an essential element of life. Skin hydration is the key to healthy skin because water is its main constituent (70%). It allows it to maintain its suppleness, elasticity and resistance, whilst also ensuring the good metabolic functioning of cells. The result is a unique hydrating range of products to meet the specific needs of skin dehydration. It aims to restore the water moisture levels in the skin for increased softness and plumpness.
The facial begins with a refreshing cleansing and exfoliation followed by a facial massage using regenerating Peppermint and Palmarosa. Enjoy complete relaxation with the application of a peel off mask that allows the skin to benefit from the Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid. Finally your skin is protected and balanced thanks to the AQUA PHYT’S Fluide or Crème, depending on your skin needs.
Your hydrating treatment begins with a refreshing cleanse followed by a gentle roll-off exfoliation infused with the calming aroma of lemon, verbena, rosemary and lavender 100% pure essential oils. A multi -sensory journey continues with the application of a gel hydrating serum containing natural Hyaluronic acid, Peppermint and Palmorosa pure essential oils. Our age-defying serum is applied using expert massage techniques. Followed by the application of a peel-off mask, your skin will absorb the hydrating ingredients while you reach even deeper levels of relaxation. A 24Hr moisturiser adapted to your skin type completes your experience, protects and keeps hydrating your skin throughout the day.

Panacée Facial - 90min - $220
Skin type: All mature skin types
Award winning formulation with active ingredients, at the forefront of bio-cosmetic research. Panacea treatment works globally to rectify the visible signs of aging and bring back a more youthful complexion.
Sumptuous and impressive outcome of many years of research, this exceptional facial delivers all the benefits of complete anti-ageing power to the skin. Both professional treatment and accompanying Panacée La Creme bring the incomparable strength of the Edelweiss flower and other novel plant actives with muscle relaxing (botox-like effect), firming, tensing, and brightening properties.

The treatment commences with a deep cleanse using specifically designed age defying products, followed by a dual action exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. A smoothing serum, rich in age defying ingredients, is applied using the Dermaphyts Sound Wave machine, for a deep tissue massage. This ensures the deep penetration of the active ingredients. A firming serum is applied using an age defying facial massage, followed by the application of our regenerating and nourishing age defying mask. This powerful treatment ends with the application of Phyt’s Panacée – a global age defying treatment cream. You will be amazed by the results of this facial!

SOIN MULTI VITA - 90min  -  $165
Skin Type: Mature Skin  |  Ideal for: Wrinkle and skin sagging concerns.  |  Aim: Firm, Nourish and Regenerate
Multi-Vita is an age-defying treatment packed with multi-vitamins that targets wrinkles and firms skin.
The first step involves gently cleansing the skin, followed by applying to lines and wrinkles a cinnamon-based concentrate, to stimulate the skin and reinforce the connective skin tissue. Then, Sérum Multi-Vita, a water-based firming serum rich in vitamins and minerals, is applied to the skin to preserve collagen and elastin fibres. Next, the wrinkle-defying facial massage and its enriched oils contained in Sérum Anti-Rides, targets wrinkles, reinforces the elasticity of the skin. To reinforce the effects of the serums, the mask Multi-Vita mixed with Concentré Anti-Age, is applied on the face. It provides total comfort and is infused with age-defying properties. Finally the age-defying Crème Absolue is applied to keep the skin protected throughout the day.
PHYT’SUBLIM EYES  - 30min  -  $40-$65 
Skin Type: Eye contour area, all skin types  |  Aim: Hydrate Contour Area, Reduce Dark Circles and Puffiness   |  Relax, rejuvenate and refresh your eye area. This treatment is composed of a series of rhythmic draining and decongesting movements combining treatment and relaxation. A concentrated serum with active ingredients is applied and followed up by an invigorating creamy balm that smooths the eye contour area. Finally, an anti-fatigue peel-off emulsion mask is applied. The eye contour area is instantly relaxed, decongested and fresh.

SOIN OLIGO-VITAL - 75min - $145
Skin Type: Mature, Dry  |  Ideal for: Mature fine and dry skin, 30+  |  Aim: Restructure, Nourish and Moisturise
A comforting age-defying treatment formulated exclusively for mature dry skin. This nourishing treatment has been designed specifically for delicate dry skin lacking in nutrients.
The first step involves gently cleansing the skin, followed by applying to lines and wrinkles a cinnamon-based concentrate, to stimulate the skin and reinforce the connective skin tissue. Next, the wrinkle-defying facial massage and its enriched oils contained in Sérum Anti-Rides target wrinkles and protect the epidermis.
The Acacia Collagen mask provides total comfort and is infused with age-defying properties. Finally the Soin Nutri-Protecteur is applied to keep the skin protected throughout the day.

SOIN ÉNERGIE VITALE -   60min  - $130
Skin Type: Dull, tired and stressed  |  Aim: Revitalise, Oxygenate and Boost Radiance  |  High in chlorophyll this facial speeds up cellular renewal, oxygenates and detoxifies the skin, it is the ultimate in skin revitalisation delivering a boost of oxygen through chlorophyll rich ingredients, energising and stimulating the skin to bring radiance.
The facial begins with a gentle cleansing and exfoliation. Then the Sérum Reviderm is applied to the face, neck and décolleté using PHYT’S signature “Vital Energy” invigorating facial massage, designed to recharge the skin. Next, enjoy stimulating and refreshing moments from the application of Masque Reviderm. To finish, the chlorophyll infused Crème Reviderm is applied all over the face. The skin is oxygenated, refreshed and energized for a visibly radiant complexion.
Ideal for those undergoing a nutritional detoxification program or for those with dull complexions due to lack of fresh air in their home or working environment and those wanting to increase their skin’s resilience to pollution.

MEN’S FACIAL Treatment -  75min  -  $145
Skin Type: Men’s skin including dull, tired and shiny  |  Aim: Detoxify, Balance and Energise  |  Conscious of the specific needs of men’s skin, PHYT’S has created a unique facial treatment, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.
The PHYT’S Men’s Treatment is an oxygenating, de-stressing facial, suiting all male skin types and perfect for devitalized and dull complexions. While this treatment focuses on refreshing and detoxifying the skin, it also works on relaxation and well-being.
After a welcoming massage targeting the shoulders, neck and head, the facial starts with a skin cleansing and exfoliation to prepare the face. It continues with a relaxing massage performed on the face and neck area with a rebalancing serum. A purifying mask is then applied on the face, neck and lips. The treatment ends with the application of a wrinkle-minimizing cream, Soin Anti-Rides

Nourishing Hand Treatment -   30min  - $45
A targeted treatment to repair, nourish and relax the hands. A specific reflexology massage is used during the treatment to improve circulation and give overall relaxation to tired and overworked hands. After the treatment, your hands are soft, supple and comforted.

Nourishing Foot Treatment -  45min  -  $75
A targeted treatment to repair, nourish and relax the feet. A specific reflexology massage is used during the treatment to improve circulation and give overall relaxation to tired and over stressed feet. After the treatment, your feet are soft, supple and comforted.

Dr. Hauschka

Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment takes you on a restorative journey, your tension slips away, breathing slows, rejuvenation begins...

CLASSIC FACIAL -  120min - $195  – All skin types – . Harmonises all skin conditions. The Classic Treatment is the signature Dr.Hauschka Treatment, from which all other treatments are derived.
It all begins with a warm, sage footbath, designed to calm the mind and bring you to a restful state. Essential to the healing process, the body is warmed. The aesthetician prepares the face for cleansing with Aromatic-infused compresses. A facial steam bath and clay mask remove impurities and gently exfoliate the skin. Gentle hands and soft brushes glide across the face, stimulating the movement of the lymph system.
 This unique method, the heart of the Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment, brings balance and harmony to the entire body. Elizabeth Sigmund designed the lymph treatment specifically to benefit the skin, but its effects reach far beyond. Lymph stimulation supports the living, rhythmic flow of the fluids in the connective tissue. Rather than force the lymph into action, this method works with the individuals natural rhythms to enliven and harmonise.
 Lymph stimulation cleanses internally, removes toxins and supports the immune system. The result shows in relaxed, recovered and fresh looking skin. You will sleep better and feel enlivened from head to toe. After a nourishing Dr.Hauschka treatment mask selected to meet your skin needs, a cool, refreshing Lemon Lemongrass compress slowly awakens you.
 The Finale - a healthy glow and a restored sense of wellbeing. 

RELAXATION TREATMENT - 90min - $155. For all skin conditions. Relaxation begins with a warm sage foot bath and moisturizing treatment for the legs, feet, arms and hands. The face is cleansed following warm fragrant compresses. Gentle, rhythmical hand and brush strokes stimulate the movement of lymph. Next, your aesthetician applies a nourishing mask specific to your skin condition followed by a décolleté massage. Stress and tension melt away, and you leave with renewed energy and a radiant complexion.

DEEP CLEANSING - 60min-$110. Combination/Oily skin.  
This treatment is integral to restoring a healthy, radiant complexion. Fragrant compresses warm the skin before cleansing. Herbal steam softens and opens pores in preparation for the deep-cleansing clay mask, which absorbs excess oil. Blemishes and blackheads are visibly reduced. A rhythmic conditioner and appropriate day care complete this effective treatment. Your skin feels soothed, purified and radiant.
(Blackhead extractions is available with this treatment only)

1 Hr. Dr Hauschka Facial - $110 - Normal/dry Fragrant compresses, deep cleansing with steam bath. Gentle lymph stimulation promotes a renewed sense of wellbeing and a healthy, radiant complexion. A rhythmic conditioner, nourishing mask and soothing décolleté massage complete the treatment, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

ANTI –STRESS FACIAL - 30min-$60  - All skin types. Relax and unwind. The face is cleansed and exfoliated following warm fragrant compresses. Enjoy a relaxing shoulder, neck and face massage followed by face, eye and lip hydration.


The next generation of skincare; preservative-clean and chemical free formulas.
Luzern Pure Cosmeceuticals use Bio-Swiss certified organic and medical grade anti-ageing ingredients to correct specific skin conditions while optimising the natural skin systems. Excellent results with no downtime!

Luzern Facial - 60min - $120
An excellent introduction to the world of Luzern Pure Cosmeceuticals. This luxurious facial includes, deep
cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, steam, massage and is concluded with an oxygenating mask and customized
to your specific skin condition by your aesthetician with the use of specific high performance serums and
treatments creams to suit your skin.

Chardonnay AHA Peel - 60min - $130
Designed to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. The AHAs will increase cell renewal by
resurfacing and increasing hydration in the skin. The skin is revitalised and the skin tone even with reduced
depth of fines lines and wrinkles. 

Lifting C

Non-Surgical Lifting Treatment
Defining contours and smoothing for a more vibrant complexion, this is the lift without the knife.
The Lifting-C Non-Surgical Automatic Lifting lifts sagging jaws, cheek, neck muscles, buttocks and bust for fabulous and immediate results. 
Increasing blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to the cells, the Lifting-C promotes collagen and elastin so the skin looks like it’s taken a holiday ~ refreshed, radiant and renewed. 

The treatment energises the natural metabolism of the underlying tissues promoting cell renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishing under eye dark circles and puffiness. 
Lifting-C is today’s non-surgical, natural,  facelift alternative.

Other Treatments

 Lash tint                             $28

Brow tint                            $20

Brow tint and wax                  $35            

Henna Brows                       $55       

Brow wax                            $20+ 

Lip wax                              $10 

Chin wax                        $12

Face wax                          $30 

½ Leg wax                       $30 

Full leg                              $45  

Bikini                                 $20  

XXX Bikini                       $45    

Under Arms                     $18     

Arm Wax                          $25+  

Back Wax                         $40